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Narine Kezian

We got back from Egypt very late Saturday night, exhausted but full of great experiences and  wonderful memories.This was truly a trip of a lifetime, we all enjoyed it immensely, and thank you for putting it together for us.

Our main contact in Cairo, Maged Youseff, went out of his way to take good care of us.
He called every day, even when we were away on the cruise or in Sharm, to make sure that things were OK with us, or if we needed anything to be taken care of, etc.
He was really great!

The Sofitel Hotel in Sharm was perfect, great set-up, good location, the best beach, excellent breakfast. We went snorkeling and saw the most beautiful colorful fish and pristine coral right by the hotel reef. The only regret that I have is that we only had one day to spend in Sharm. Our flight out of Luxor to Sharm was at 9 o'clock at night so by the time we got there and checked in, the day was gone. We were finished with our cruise at 11:00 a.m. and had to hang around Luxor until 9p.m. to leave for Sharm. But I guess Maged tried and could not get any earlier flights, everything was booked.

Speaking of flights, I was really impressed with the efficiency and quality of Egypt Air. Their planes were really nice, always left on time, and the service was great.

The Grand Hyatt in Cairo was perfect. We had adjoining rooms with the beautiful view of the Nile. Across the river, we visited the Sofitel Hotel ( old Sheraton), also very nice, new management and decor, and has the Buddah bar like in Paris.

Movenpick Radamis II was an OK boat, not the best. When we were parked in Luxor we checked out the Oberoi and the Sonesta and they were much nicer boats, the rooms had individual balconies and the top deck was more plush with better swimming pool and chairs. But the food was very good on our boat and the staff very friendly, they also gave us adjoining rooms and one of them had a small sitting area, which made it very convenient.

We saw the sound and light show in Luxor but not in Cairo, they had another special show from April 10 - 16th, so they weren't doing the regular sound and light show at the Pyramids. And the last day we were too tired and couldn't drive all the way out there, so we told Maged that we don't want to go to the show. He said it was OK and since we paid for it in advance $65/per person, we will get a refund when we get home. Please let me know how that works.

Overall, we had a great trip, saw some amazing sites, drove around in Cairo on our own with a Taxi and discovered great restaurants, such as AbuSin and Felfelaw, we found an Armenina Church, and really got to experience the Egyptian people and their culture. Although I have to say the drivers and the cars are crazy in Cairo, total chaos. Nobody pays attention to the traffic lights and it's impossible to cross the streets.

Thank you again for your great service and all the contacts in Egypt. I will recommend you to all my friends. Please let me know about the refund for the sound and light show.

Best regards,


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