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Cooking Class

Moroccan cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine characterized by its variety of mainly Arabic and Berber dishes with Jewish influences. Despite its common features with the kitchens of other North African countries, Moroccan cuisine has retained its originality and its unique cultural specificities.

Moroccan cuisine is therefore a reflection of its history and the successive peoples who settled there.

Thus, the spices were introduced by the caravans of merchants from India or Egypt, the sweet, salty mixtures by the Arab-Andalusian civilizations, the cereal dishes by the Berbers or the vegetables in brine by the Jews. One of the main characteristics of Moroccan cuisine is its richness in aromas, fruit of the various spices used. In the souks, you will undoubtedly be captivated by colorful stalls of spices and the powerful scent of freshly picked herbs. The spice merchants will be happy to share with you the secrets of Moroccan cuisine, so do not hesitate to glean some recipes!


1st Pack

2nd Pack

3rd Pack

4th Pack

Classical cooking class

Express cooking classes

Special bread workshop

Moroccan Pastry Special Workshop

Price per person = 98 Euro or 125 Euro including soft drinks

Price per person = 93 Euro or 99 Euro including soft drinks

Price per person = 93 Euro all inclusive

Price per person = 94 Euro all inclusive



1st Pack

An exceptional place .... fantastic setting, perfect traditional cuisine ... unique experience ... A cuisine with typical Moroccan flavors ... Do not miss this opportunity

Classical cooking class:  

Duration :3h00 – 3h30 




2nd Pack Express cooking classes:



3rd Pack Special bread workshop:



4th Pack Moroccan Pastry Special Workshop:




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